We are excited to release a new tool for SHOTBOX owners and those looking for solutions to capture family memories, photograph object, and so much more.

Our mission is to help you capture, preserve and share the memories that are locked away in albums, journals, books, photos, objects, heirlooms and more. A SHOTBOX, used with the SmartPhone or DSLR you already own, makes this not just doable, it makes it enjoyable.

With full respect for how COVID-19 is changing our lives, we feel it is an opportunity to spend more time with our families in productive and healthy ways. One of which is to make a concentrated effort toward the relevant family history materials that we all have in our homes. These materials need to be scanned, backed up and shared, yet rarely are.

We know that together we can get through these difficult times and make 2020 a memorable year. We will post new articles, tutorials, and more. Subscribe to receive updates and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you from everyone at SHOTBOX!

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Quick SHOTBOX Tips

Covering the unused cut outs in the top with paper helps cut down on glare if you have overhead lights.
Use the volume button on earphone cable to trigger the camera.
Lift up the floor panel with a shoe box to get a closer picture of whatever you are scanning.
Additional Tips, Tutorials, Articles and More Coming Soon...

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